My thoughts

There are many definitions of photography, but the one which best resonates with me is: ‘Photography is the art of capturing the beauty of life, the act of capturing ‘the moment’.’
In essence, a photographer is someone who is passionate about taking photographs and who tries to seize the perfect image.  It is this passion which gets you out of bed before the sun comes up so you can secure the perfect sunrise in a still image.
I see photography as an art.  There is no express route to becoming a great photographer. It is all about learning from your experiences and training yourself to see the image you need, and want to capture.  It is about what we see in front of us and being able to visualise how we want that portrayed.
Photography, as with many things in life, is subjective. My aim as a photographer is to produce images that will hold your attention for the magic five seconds or more.  I like to experiment and break the rules... after all rules are there to be  learnt...and then broken! This is what, in my experience, truly produces the most special moments.

My background

I was born in Singapore to Scottish parents and spent most of my younger years growing up in Hong Kong. Asia is well and truly my home, and what a wonderful base for the plethora of vistas available to me – from breathtaking mountain and beach scenes to the city contrasts of old and new in juxtaposition.
I returned to Hong Kong in 2007 and married Linda, with whom I went to both primary and secondary school in Hong Kong. We have 2 children – Luke, 5 years, and Chloe, 4 years, who have both been phenomenal  and accommodating subjects for Daddy’s portrait photography!
I have always had a devotion to photography, even before undertaking the enjoyment of learning about the more technical aspects of the profession. There is such a range of genres and styles, and my main areas of focus are portrait, night photography, landscape, black and white and street photography.
From my portfolio displayed here on my website I invite you to choose which images you would like me to have mounted on canvas for you. In addition I would be delighted to arrange to spend some time with you and your families to capture the perfect family picture, with the backdrop of this wonderful  city in which we live.